Falling in Love With Hillsborough

Valour\'s Patisserie

An excerpt from an article from the Orange County, NC Visitor’s Bureau

By Michael Malone

In Casablanca, “Everybody comes to Ric’s.” In Hillsborough, everybody comes to Churton Street, where now, on curiously balmy winter days, sidewalks bustle with outdoor diners under umbrellas and with shoppers carrying parcels. Everybody comes, and more and more, they fall in love.

Hillsborough, the seat of Orange County, has a past. Its downtown blocks commemorate so many crucial scenes in our nation’s founding that drivers do not have time to read the historical markers, even in traffic, as they go through town. It had a past in 1000 A.D. when Occaneechie Indians lived and traded here. It had a past when Revolutionary firebrands chased away the Royal Governor and fought the Battle of Alamance, years before Paul Revere galloped into Concord, Massachusetts, yelling that the British were coming…

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[For general information about Hillsborough, visit www.ci.hillsborough.nc.us or www.historichillsborough.org. For specific details on Hillsborough, visit smallwander.com.]


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